What to Know About PPC in Marketing

PPC or Pay-per-click marketing is where you place an ad promoting your product or service on a platform and the payment is submitted to the hosting platform only when a potential customer clicks on the advertisement. It allows a user to purchase a product or find more information about a product. Some of the popular hosting platforms that offer PPC marketing are search engines. So whenever an individual search for something, if it is relevant to your product or service, your advertisement will be displayed.

What actually happens when a user types in something on the search engine is that there is an auction that occurs instantly. There are many factors that will contribute to your advertisement appearing at the top such as the quality of the ad and the bid amount. Keywords play a vital part when it comes to this process. There are agencies that offer PPC management Brisbane that can help you get more visibility on a search results page. You will need an account on the hosting platform to set up your advertisement. You can decide when the advertisement can be displayed. There are many methods of categorisation when it comes to advertising campaigns. To understand how this works, you need to understand the role of keywords. This is the first thing that will connect your advertisement to what a user types in the search bar. If your keywords match what is typed in the search query, you will be able to match the search query and target a potential customer. You have the freedom of allowing variations of the keywords whether it is with a different order of words, use of the keywords with other words and spelling variations.

There are also negative keywords that will filter out unwanted traffic to your site as well. You can ensure that whenever a negative keyword is typed in by a user, your advertisement will not be displayed. The goal of PPC is to direct potential customers to the site and not just general traffic that will not contribute to sales. If your advertisement wins the auction and is displayed in the search results, there is a certain organisation to the ad that is standard. You will have a description and a headline giving pertinent information to the user and there will be a URL to direct the user to your website. It is best to have different variations of ads to get an idea of which advertisement performs better. This will help you in creating future ad campaigns.

You will also be able to improve the appearance of your advertisement by using ad extensions. Some examples of this are adding a contact number to the advertisement whenever it is on top during operational hours of the company and providing additional links to different pages on the site that will be relevant for the user. When it comes to bidding, you need to have an idea of what you are willing to spend on a keyword. But you need to make sure that you are controlling how much you spend and that you don’t go over the budget that is set for the month.

Leen Schroeder
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