Selecting an SEO Company

You should have a clear idea about your requirements when selecting an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) agency. There are many agencies that are out there but you should have an idea of what they can give your company before getting on board with them.

You have to understand what your business goals are whether short term or long term, and how Melbourne SEO Experts can help you achieve these goals. There may be certain outcomes you are looking for when selecting a company whether it is to get qualified leads, rank your website higher in search results or drive sales from organic search. By considering your business goals, you can choose the SEO strategies needed for your company. And this has to be done along with a professional agency with experienced agents. Not every SEO agency will be able to cater to your goals so you should have a discussion with potential companies before shortlisting them. When you meet with a potential SEO agency, you should get an idea of how much experience they have in projects similar to yours. This ensures they have tried and tested strategies that are guaranteed to work on your case. You can ask them to show their results and track record when it comes to similar businesses or fields to get an idea of their expertise.

Try to meet the specialists of the company to get an idea of their qualifications. How diverse is their team? It is best if you can meet with the team that will potentially be assigned to you if you choose the company. Speaking to them will help you understand their strengths and how each person can add to the process. You can ask to see their client portfolio to see companies, organizations etc. that have used their services. This portfolio sheds light on their experience. In addition to this, you can ask to see customer testimonials. This will be given on their official website. Then there is some research you can do on your own by checking online reviews. 

You can also go through their social media, blogs and official website to get an idea of the types of content they post. You can check if they are up to date with current trends when it comes to SEO. By speaking to the company representatives, team members and get an idea of their process, you can get an idea of their company culture. This will be values they uphold. You can see if their values align with your company’s so they can understand how best to customize your SEO strategy. As you will be having a team to liaise with the SEO agency, you need to get your own team together when meeting the SEO team. This will contribute to clear communication between both parties. You will also need to collect information about the business and share them with the SEO company as it will impact their SEO strategy. Having a deeper understanding of your company gives them a better outlook on creating a custom strategy.

Leen Schroeder
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