How to Care for Timber Outdoor Furniture

Timber is a beautiful material for outdoor furniture and it will give an elegant appearance to any patio or backyard. But it is well understood that timber furniture requires some special care so that you can maintain its original appearance.

While timber outdoor furniture Brisbane are designed to withstand different climatic conditions, they will fare better if you are able to protect them from rain, direct sunlight and other extreme temperatures and weather conditions. What you can do is use a waterproof cover for the furniture during adverse weather. And if you have a rainy season in your location or if you experience seasonal changes such as winter, you can store the furniture inside until good weather comes. You will anyway not be able to use the furniture during rain and snow. If you don’t have a lot of storage space indoors, you can build a storage shed to store these furniture pieces easily. Regular cleaning is important for any type of outdoor furniture as these will collect grime and dirt. And when you clean it routinely, you will not need to take a lot of time for each session as there will not be much to do.

You can keep a cleaning kit for your outdoor furniture such as a soft brush, soft clothes etc.

And you can use water and gentle detergent to get rid of any grime. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or use cleaners that are abrasive as this can cause damage. A special maintenance task that you will need to do for timber furniture is applying an oil or sealant. This is because the timbre can become dry and start showing cracks when they are under the sun for a long time. And the use of oil or sealant can help restore its original appearance. When you are choosing such a product, make sure to check the instructions for application set out by the manufacturer. You should also choose a product that is designed for outdoor use and can be used on the specific timber that you have. You can also ask the furniture store you purchase the item from about the care instructions.

You don’t need to worry if your timber furniture starts to look faded or shows scratches.

You will be able to restore its appearance by sanding it and refinishing it. This can take some time but you can do this as a DIY project if you have the equipment. You can also hire somebody to do this as it can be cheaper than replacing the furniture. Timber furniture can attract pests outdoors so when you are cleaning the furniture, make sure to check it often for signs of infestation. Some signs that will indicate this is the presence of sawdust around the furniture and small holes appearing on the timber. You will need a professional to address issues such as this. If you are going on a vacation, you can have the furniture stored away. But make sure that you keep it in a dry and cool place devoid of moisture and direct sunlight. You can also use a breathable cover to wrap the furniture.

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