Daily Life and Responsibilities as a Volunteer in an Orphanage

If you are interested in volunteering in an orphanage, you need to become involved in the daily lives and responsibilities of caring for children at the location. The specific duties of the orphanage can vary depending on their location, structure and the needs of the children. But as a volunteer, you need to provide the children with love, support and care so that they can thrive.

There will be a structured daily routine you need to follow as a volunteer in an orphanage.

You can look for opportunities in becoming a hostel volunteer Africa to make a difference in the children’s lives and to enrich your experiences as well. The morning activities will generally include assisting the children with waking up and getting dressed. This means getting them prepared for the day ahead. You may also help prepare breakfast and serve it to the children so that they have a nutritious start to the day. Some of the educational activities they will be engaged in are reading, writing and learning basic skills. You will also need to supervise the children in personal hygiene which includes washing their faces, brushing teeth and completing other personal hygiene tasks. In the daytime, you can engage the children in structured learning activities.

For playtime, you can organise recreational activities

And games so that both physical activity and social interaction are promoted. Arts and crafts activities can help children express their creativity. Make sure that the children are involved in outdoor activities like going to parks and playgrounds so that they can explore nature and enjoy it. In the afternoon, there will be lunch and rest time. You can assist the children with their homework. Some of the basic life skills that you can teach the children are gardening, cooking and household chores. Some children may be dealing with grief, trauma or emotional challenges so you can offer emotional support to them. In the bedtime routine, you can help with preparing dinner and then serve dinner to the children. Some of the bedtime routine tasks will include bathing, storytelling, brushing teeth and tucking the children in.

There will be many responsibilities for you as a volunteer in an orphanage.

You will need to meet the physical, emotional and development needs of the children. This includes caring for their basic needs such as ensuring they have access to clean clothing, nutritious meals and a hygienic living environment that is secure. You will also offer encouragement, emotional support and reassurance which will contribute to trusting relationships with the children. You will need to supervise the children in their education and playtime. You can assist them with tutoring, homework and engage in educational enrichment activities. You will also have to advocate for their best interests and rights so that they have access to healthcare, education and opportunities for personal growth. You have to collaborate with the orphanage staff and other volunteers so that you can create a supportive environment for the children. Make sure that you keep records of the progress and achievements of the children as well so that you can communicate with caregivers and staff members about their concerns.

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